Week 4

Week 4

4 Episodes

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Week 4
  • Session 10: A$$ TO GRASS

    Episode 1

    45-minutes: 90 second strength intervals, 1 minute HIIT intervals and knee mobility. Dumbbells required.

  • Session 11: SPAGHETTI ARMS

    Episode 2

    Heavy to fatigue then we pop it till we drop it! Fatigue is the name of tonight’s game! Heavy dumbbells, bands, and a rolled mat/bench/ball.

  • Session 12: FOR YOU, BABY

    Episode 3

    A Single Dumbbell and YOU. Let's GO!!! Full-body for 45 minutes to wrap up this incredible January journey. Explore your body's potential with these fun movements!


    Episode 4

    No equipment needed, 9 1-minute rounds.